About drekka

Dedicated to all the beautiful challengers


Drekka (dreska) is the only jewelry brand in Japan, the symbol of the symbol "Renn Gardur" which has been transmitted in Nordic since ancient times.

Renn gardul is a symbol that has been familiar with ancient people as a tool that conveys the intention before the birth of characters.

It is jewelry like a strong partner always pushing back for the dream and the goal by always.


The difference with other jewellery is "the meaning of the motif is" and "there is a historical background transmitted from old times."

Motif is the magic word "Renn gardul" transmitted in Nordic countries. Although it may not be so familiar in Japan, in northern Europe, the energy of the symbol is loved by people as an familiar "amulet" that gives the power from ancient times.

Each symbol has a special meaning, and it is originally used as a tattoo as an accessory, so it has the meaning of "making decisions" in the symbol itself.

It is the symbol that was born by the people of ancient Nordic people as a charm that made "decision to be able to come true", such as "love", and "determination of not to lose one's heart".



Beautifully designed design

In drekka, the old motif is used before the character was born.

However, it is designed to make it modern and minimalist design instead of an ancient world view, and to make it familiar with the modern life.
And, "10 years and 20 years later, I do not design the design that doesn't feel old".

Drekka's jewelry with the original view of the world can be used for daily life regardless of age and gender for simple design.



Designer profile

"I want to make something for courage."

There is always this thought at the root of my things.

The reason why he is working as a designer of jewellery is because it is attracted to "the nearest to the skin" and "the existence that is like the person's amulet" of jewelry today.

Originally, I was interested in Nordic culture, history and lifestyle, and I met the symbol named "Renn gardul" from ancient times.
There was such a meaning in the symbol that one compass in it was designed.

The person who has this symbol does not hesitate in one direction

I felt that I was greatly encouraged by its strength and straight love.

And, I want to make such a symbol as a jewelry, "I want to make the thing that can be the one that can push the dream by me" while making such a desire, it is made every day.

Drekka Designer