About Drekka Jewelry

Dedicated to all the beautiful challengers

Drekka Jewelry is the only one jewelry brand which use traditional symbols of "Rune galdr" from Iceland as a motif.

Rune Galdur is special symbols that ancient people used as a tool to express their intentions even before writing was invented and each symbol has its own special and romantic meanings.

Our jewelry will always stand by you and encourage you while pursuing your dreams and goals.

Jewelry with meaningful motifs and an ancient historical background

The design motif of our jewelry is derived form the magic word "Rune Galdur"that has been handed down to the Nordic countries.

It may be an unfamiliar word in Japan, though in Scandinavia, people have treated these symbols at them as the familiar “amulet”whose energy gives you the power since ancient times.

Each symbol has its own special meanings and since these symbols were used not only as accessories but as tattoos,the symbol itself means “stiffening one’s resolve.”

In the motif of the symbols the ancient Scandinavians created, we design our jewelry as amulets concentrating their wishes such as “may your dreams come true” or may your life be filled with love”, and their “unwavering determination” "All motifs have their own meanings.”

“It has a historical background that has been passed down from ancient times.” —These are the characteristics of DREKKA jewelry that other jewelry does not have.


Beautiful and timeless design

Drekka uses old motifs that existed before writing was invented.

However, we are particular about transforming it to a modern and minimal design rather than an ancient world view, and finishing it to fit the modern life.

We also design our jewelry with conscious if the design will never gets old even in 10 or 20 years, and if it will have a classic feel that can be used regularly even after many years.

The DREKKA jewelry with an original world view is so simple and timeless that it will be treasured by men and women of all ages.

Designer profile

"I want to make something that gives courage to those who wear it."

—There is always this feeling at the bottom of my manufacturing.

I have been making and expressing things in various fields,however, the reason I am currently working as a jewelry designer is because I am attracted the way jewelry is "the closest thing to the skin" and “could be an amulet for the person who wears it."

I have been interested in Scandinavian culture, history and lifestyle and I came across an ancient symbol called "Rune Galdur.”

 One of these symbols with a compass had the following meaning.

“If you carry this symbol, your spirit will turn to a single way and stay on the way.”

“Even in a blizzard or in a place you don’t know,  you will return home safe and sound.”

The strength and earnest love of the symbol made me feel very encouraged.

Today, I design jewelry with the desire to create something that encourages our customers to pursue their dreams.

Drekka Designer , YASUKO