Delivery and shipping

The goods ordered in Japan are delivered by Yamato transport.
The shipment to foreign countries except Japan is delivered by EMS.

Delivery date

Drekka's jewelry is basically order production.
* Please note that the cancellation after the order is not accepted due to the nature of the item.
After confirmation of payment, it will be received for three weeks to 1 month.
We have shipped stock within 3 days.


Domestic Japan

Europe (2000 yen) Asia (1500 yen) Europe (2300 yen) Oceania (2000 yen)

About payment method

The payment method is as follows.

Credit card payment

Credit cards

Visa MasterCard and JCB

No receipt is issued. Please use the terms and conditions issued by the credit card company.


About cancellation, exchange and return

About cancellation

Please note that cancellation is not accepted in principle.
Please confirm the contents and caution of the item.

Return and exchange

If the item that is different from the order item is delivered in the case of the defective goods, it will correspond with goods return and exchange.
If there is a stock, exchange with the same goods, and exchange stock is sold out, the return and refund will be dealt with.

(in case of foreign countries, please take a photograph). Contact us for more information

Please contact us by contact form within 7 days after arrival.
In the following cases, please note that we cannot accept return.

  • Different from the color of the screen
  • Cases where there is no offer of return or replacement
  • 8 days after arrival
  • Cases where goods, price tags, labels, accessories, etc. are damaged, damaged or lost
  • When using, repairing, processing, washing, and cleaning
  • If the merchandise status at the time of return is significantly different from the time of delivery (including packages, boxes, accessories and warranty)
  • When a stain is stuck to the product in the customer, and odor is attached (PET, tobacco, perfume cosmetics, etc.)
  • Goods sent directly to the jewelry box
  • In addition, if the commodity is deemed to be unrefundable

On the carriage in return

If the item is defective or the item which is different from the order content arrives, the shipping charge of the return is assumed to be the burden of the customer. Please understand beforehand.
Please note that you will be deducted from the refund price if you are returned by payment.


Credit card

We will respond to the change in the amount of settlement through the credit card company.
* the refund method depends on the card company. If you have any questions, please contact your card company.