Standard Pendant
Standard Pendant
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Standard Pendant

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K10 pendant top of [Special Cross], which is originally transmitted from ancient Europe.
It is possible to replace yourself into your favorite chain and straps.
Besides necklace, you can enjoy back charms, hats and shall.


A magical symbol that is transmitted from ancient times is finished in a beautiful and sophisticated simple design [Standard Line].
Please enjoy the mood of the day, such as necklace, piercing, charm.

Rune meaning

It is an amulet to not add bad things.
This cross isBad thingsProtect yourself from negative things]
There is an old language from the past, and it is also used as an amulet amulet.


This is a sale only for pendants.
The top bracket is an inner diameter of 3.8 mm. If it is a chain of more than that, it can be replaced by yourself.
Necklace chains for standards are sold from here.

Rune: Special Cross
Collection: Standard LINE
Material: K10YG
Size:2.1 x 1.7 cm (Rune part only)
Part number: SSCG10
Production Country: Made in Japan