Standard Pendant
Standard Pendant
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Standard Pendant

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"Dream Symbol," Silver Pendant Top, a symbol of Northern Europe.
You can replace it with your own chain of chains or leather strings.
In addition to necklaces, you can enjoy backcharges, hats, shawls, and so on.

Standard Line Collection

"Standard Line," a symbol that has been handed down from ancient times, has been beautiful and sophisticated and simple.
Enjoy your days with necklaces, piercing, and charms.

Rune's meaning

Dream Symbol (Dream Symbol)
It's a good luck charm to achieve your dream.
There is a legend that this symbol has the power to achieve a dream, and has been loved in a long history.
It is a popular design for a gift because it can send a message that says, "Your dream comes true."


This is the sale of pendant only.
The top bracket is an inner diameter of 3.8mm.You can replace it yourself when you are a chain of the following thickness:
The necklace chain for standards is being sold here.

Rune: Dream Symbol
Collection: Standard Line
Material: Silver925
Size:2.1 x 1.8 cm (on the loon part only)
Number of items: SDRS
Country of production: Made in Japan