Standard Pendant
Standard Pendant
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Standard Pendant

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K10 pendant top of [LOVE CHARM] from ancient Europe.
It is possible to replace yourself into your favorite chain and straps.
Besides necklace, you can enjoy back charms, hats and shall.


A magical symbol that is transmitted from ancient times is finished in a beautiful and sophisticated simple design [Standard Line].
Please enjoy the mood of the day, such as necklace, piercing, charm.

Rune meaning

LOVE CHARM (Love Charm)
It is amulet to fulfill love.
[A good relationship with the loved ones can be built]
【Injection of your favorite person】
[The person who likes the other party to get the other's love overnight and you can get the opponent's love, and as a symbol for love, it has been familiar with a long history I was.


This is a sale only for pendants.
The top bracket is an inner diameter of 3.8 mm. If it is a chain of more than that, it can be replaced by yourself.
Necklace chains for standards are sold from here.

Rune: Love Charm
Collection: Standard LINE
Material: K10YG
Size:2.6 x 2.0 cm (Rune part only)
Part number: SLG10
Production Country: Made in Japan