Standard Pendant
Standard Pendant
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Standard Pendant

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It is a Silva pendant top of love charm.
You can replace it with your favorite chain or leather string.
Other than necklace, you can enjoy back charm, hat and shawl.

Standard line collection

The standard line is a beautiful, simple and simple design of magical symbols.
Enjoy necklace, piercing, charm, etc.

Rune meaning

Love charm
It is a charm to grant love.
A good relationship with a loved one
Stop a person you like
It is said that it is possible to get the love of the partner by taking this Rune overnight and sleeping, and it has been known as a symbol for love in the long history.


This is only pendant sale.
The metal fittings on the top are 3.8mm inside. If it is the chain of thickness of the following, it can be changed by itself.
The necklace chain for standard is sold here.

Bing Web: Rune love
Collection: standard line
Material: silver925
Size:2.6 x 2.0 cm
Part number: SLS
Made in Japan