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Standard Pendant

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It is the K10 pendant top of vegblenker's symbol.
You can replace it with your favorite chain or leather string.
Other than necklace, you can enjoy back charm, hat and shawl.

Standard line collection

The standard line is a beautiful, simple and simple design of magical symbols.
Enjoy necklace, piercing, charm, etc.

Rune meaning

Vegvije (vegvizil)
It is an amulet for missing the way. The person who has this symbol in the form of compass is
(the mind doesn't fall in one direction.)
"Even blizzards don't get lost and don't lose their way."
"You can go home without any death."
There is such a legend in a long history.
* signpost is a simplified design of vegvisir (the same meaning).


This is only pendant sale.
The metal fittings on the top are 3.8mm inside. If it is the chain of thickness of the following, it can be changed by itself.
The necklace chain for standard is sold here.

Bing Web: Rune
Collection: standard line
Material: k10yg
Size:2.1 x 1.8 cm
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Made in Japan